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Financial Restructuring

Where there’s cross-border financial restructuring, there’s Bingham.

We are recognized as the leading cross-border restructuring firm for creditors with unrivalled coverage of the world’s key financial centers. In fact, Who’s Who Legal has named us Insolvency and Restructuring Firm of the Year for the third time. Our lawyers across the U.S., Europe and Asia have played leading roles in numerous high-profile, precedent-setting cases that have broken new ground, from the restructuring of Suntech, to the collapse of the Icelandic Banks, to the recent city of Detroit bankruptcy.

What sets Bingham apart?

  1. Our work is global

    We are authorities in the U.S., the U.K. and Asia, but we have uniquely longstanding experience and perspective on cross-border workouts and insolvencies across the globe. We helped found the cross-border workout/insolvency advisory industry, and we have made this work a strategic focus for more than 25 years.

  2. We cover all asset classes for creditors

    We help creditor clients achieve successful outcomes in all debt asset classes — corporate debt, project debt, financial institutional debt, insurance obligations, structured debt, municipal obligations, airline-related obligations, sovereign debt, and nationalized debt, in developed and emerging markets, around the world.

  3. We understand financial crises

    We have been working for creditors at the epicenter of each recent financial crisis. We restructured numerous U.S. credits in the wake of the S&L crisis of the late 1990s, Latin American credits in the wake of its regional crises in the 1990s and early 2000s, and East Asian credits in the wake of that region's currency crisis in the early 2000s, and we have been restructuring credits in the midst of the current European crisis. This work has provided us deep perspective on causes and consequences, policy possibilities and ramifications, and the best strategic pathways for our clients.

  4. We are commercial

    We are excellent lawyers, but our core skill is in understanding our clients’ objectives, assessing the commercial and financial prospects and limits of the situation, proposing solutions that match the situation, and implementing the chosen solution, at all times remaining focused on why the clients have hired us. We know when to fight and when to deal, and we deploy both approaches adroitly.

  5. We are experienced in creditors’ rights litigation

    Our insolvency and creditors’ rights litigation team is deep and experienced, in the U.S., the U.K., and beyond.

  6. We are client-driven and provide an integrated approach to problem-solving

    Nobody is more responsive to clients than we are. We are in touch quickly, we listen carefully, we help explain and adjust as needed for your management teams. Our comprehensive offering to clients includes seasoned partners in finance, derivatives, tax, M&A, insurance, financial regulatory, environmental, real estate, project finance, energy, telecoms, IP, labor and employment, litigation and antitrust who bring market-leading capability to our restructuring efforts.

  7. We have offices located in the world’s key financial centers

    We have partners and associates located in a tight network of offices in global financial centers to support cost-effective 24/7 service for our clients’ matters and needs.

  8. We have developed key relationships in the financial industry

    Our relationship base is unrivalled and is available to aid clients and streamline their matters. Our working relationships include leading legal and financial advisers globally, and related trade associations like Chambers, INSOL, and key bar associations. We also know well senior and workout officers at leading banks, financial institutions and hedge funds, as well as key officials, including at the SEC, the UN, the IMF, the U.S. Treasury, and the European Commission, and at the national level in many countries.

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