Bingham Lawyers Named 2011 New York Super Lawyers

New York Super Lawyers Metro Edition 2011, November 2011 — Several Bingham lawyers have been selected for inclusion in the 2011 New York Super Lawyers Metro Edition. Notably, partner Richard Fries was named to the Top 100 as one of the lawyers who received the highest point totals in the nomination, research and review process. Those recognized from Bingham include:

Reed Auerbach (Structured Transactions)
Steven Brody (Securities and Financial Institutions Litigations)
Tony Carbone (Tax and Employee Benefits)
Jeanie Cogill (Tax and Employee Benefits)
Richard Fries (Real Estate)
Mary Gail Gearns (Broker-Dealer)
Peter Neger (Securities and Financial Institutions Litigations)
Doug Schwarz (Labor and Employment)
Ron Silverman (Financial Restructuring)
Jeff Smith (New York) (Securities and Financial Institutions Litigations) 
Scott Stern (Corporate Real Estate)
Richard Taffet (Intellectual Property)
Steven Wilamowsky (Financial Restructuring)

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